The origin of the word garden lies in the concept of enclosure. From the Anglo-French gardin-jardin to
the old German gart, an enclosure or compound. The idea of
a garden brings to a world of discoveries, of new life – the hortus of latins, the Eden of humanity, the playground of fashion industry.
As if we need to embrace details to discover the Universe. As if we need to take care of a
small portion of infinity to feed imagination.

To find the infinity of the garden might be sufficient to look it closer, following the microscopic
movements of the universe: small actions, where the theory of complexity seems
to leave room for the miracle of life.
So lie down on a meadow and look at the sky.
And for a moment let it be clear that there is a measure in which the effort of a blade of grass
is not less than a day of work of the stars.
Walk barefoot, slowly, as if every step is the only one given to us.
Feel the temperature of the ground below you. Perceive, from the sole softness,
the shape of the leaves that form the lawn.
Recognise, from the sound of the wind, how far the boundaries of your garden are.

This astonishing imperfection can be enshrined in a wasted paper, a crumpled message littered in the garden,
asking you to be picked up and read. A map of the imagination, that spreads itself out through a cyclic time
– different yet complementary to the cyclic nature of Earth, to its slow rotation.
For every garden hints at the lost garden, the absent one – the one that could be.
Now, ask yourself: what’s after the garden?
For a moment feel as a living part of this endless show. Feel the power of the miracles you can plant.
Fashion can be the most incredible garden on the Earth. Make it meaningful.


BRANCO lives in the playground of the fashion industry. Our pet accessories are realised with the finest materials and techniques experimented and tested during our 25 years of craftsmanship and innovation. 

Made 100% in house, 100% in Italy. 

Our #Directluxury wants to be the link between you and the creation process. Between a responsible choice and the freedom of discovering. Between you and the nature.

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The conceptual and phonetic inspiration for BRANCO collection came from the mathematician Moebius
and his famous strip with its non-orientable surface, to symbolically represent a truly sustainable fashion industry.

Moebius œbius œbios

bios [βίος] comes from ancient Greek and means a qualified life, differing from zoè [ζωή],
which refers to life in its bare significance. Everyone naturally tends towards the core meaning of their life,
and the wholeness of their very being.
Choosing to be your true essence is a completely different story however.
Putting sustainability at the heart of innovation in the fashion industry means that, even when making the smallest of accessories,
people are safeguarded, metals recycled, less water is consumed, and the air is as pure as nature intended.
This is achieved with cutting-edge processes and surface treatments, such as the innovative sustainable galvanization and organic coating systems.
However, in that suggestion, in which bios seems to be the sole protagonist, there is a feature that catches the eye and inspires further investigation.
A contraction of symbols that opens up unexpected directions:


The merging of the “o” and “e” holds a fundamental truth – too obvious to be visible, eluding the subject.
But in the bareness of this symbol BRANCO is attempting to reclaim life in its bare significance – zoè [ζωή].
This has resulted in a collection of fashion pet accessories designed by those who have always put sustainability
at the heart of industrial and creative innovation – by those who are obviously eco.
A paradoxical glimpse, in an era when everything has to be visible. A conceptual giddiness that is literally upside-down.
As would happen passing along the non-orientable strip of Moebius.
Rightly so, it strips away every vibe or frill inconsistent with BRANCO's sustainability, a tangible,
visible value providing guidance among the paradoxes of modernity.


In the fashion industry there is one address where metal is ennobled while water is protected and chemicals not released. BRANCO regenerates 97% of its water every day through its unique closed water cycle.
And the chemicals? Visible zero discharge. Nor harmful chemicals nor solvents are emitted after the Bluecoating or organic painting.


Preserving craftsmanship means protecting human health. There is a fashion way to update the concept of handmade! BRANCO products are realized by separating people for all dangerous processes and by testing every batch of the raw materials involved.


Transforming energy is the most sustainable way for nurturing the creation process. The thermic energy that is generated during the application of BRANCO colored organic paintings is recycled and a great photovoltaic plant supports the whole manufacturing process.