BRANCO is the voice of the herd, a multitude that becomes unity to protect each of its members, in a community where everyone assumes dignity precisely because belongs to it. 

BRANCO is the voice of direct luxury: the finest craftmanship, always on the backstage, overturns the roles and puts the light on its values. Too strong to stay hidden. Too different to be filtered. Too committed to stay alone. 

BRANCO chooses true nature to speak about nature, starting from dogs, humans' loyal friends. Through their strolls, the backstage can become the stage, pulling all the solo-dreamers together, in the place to be. 

Building a better world is a worthwhile tough job. Fashion can be the fastest vehicle to make it happen. 

Those leashes represents meaningful connections between "how it's made" and the user, between nature and technology. By discovering the manufacturing behind BRANCO a new concept of fashion could be streched.
Jannie Lykke Kristoffersen